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      Aerial Survey Services

      Bringing high precision flying to the world of aerial survey

      Building on our heritage as a world class Flight Inspection organistion, FCSL is now well established as a provider of all types of aerial survey work. Our experience in operating in busy, high stress airborne environments, to exacting timescales, has enabled us to delight our survey customers with the professionalism and quality of output that only a provider of complex flight services is able to deliver.

      Our fleet

      FCSL operates an expanding fleet of survey aircraft, equipped with state of the art sensor and mapping technology as well as incorporating customers’ bespoke payloads where required. The fleet consists of DA42 MPP and Vulcanair P68 aircraft.

      Our services

      • Environmental survey
      • 3D modelling
      • Land use mapping
      • Ground obstacle avoidance
      • Pipeline inspection
      • Thermal surveys

      Contact FCSL

      To find out more about our aerial survey services, to discuss your requirements or to request a quote, please click here or email enquiries@flight-cal.com