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      aircraft technical support company

      Technical Support and Advice

      Decades of experience to support your project

      FCSL has been operating as a provider of complex aviation services for over 20 years and between them our team has built up decades of experience across a range of airport and aviation projects.

      Whether it is help diagnosing a specific technical issue or early consultancy on a new airport project, our experts are available to help and support you.

      Our services

      • Navigational aid problem diagnostics and fault rectification
      • ILS & VOR simulations and propagation studies for developments such as windfarms
      • Navigational aid planning for sensitive and critical areas
      • Obstacle Assessment and Safeguarding
      • Airport master planning and runway upgrades
      • Flying test bed

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      To find out more about our consultancy services, to discuss your requirements or to request a quote, please click here or email enquiries@flight-cal.com